Why Repaint That Wall Again?

Posted on June 18, 2017 By

Those who are tired of repainting interior walls every few years to freshen up a room do have an alternative. Paint fades, cracks, and peels easily. The process of redoing the walls includes scraping all the old paint off, spackling any holes or cracks, adding primer, and placing at least two coats of the paint on the wall. It also involves clearing out the entire room, placing tarps on the flooring and counters, and trimming the edges with a different shade pf paint. That is expensive and time-consuming. Rather than go through all of that again, consider ordering printed wallpaper.

The murals arrive in easy to install panels that will not fade, not crack or peel, and not discolor over time. Installation requires paste or simple tap water, depending on the material chosen, and instructions are detailed. Standard murals require paste, which is included in the pricing. Premium murals are laminated for easy cleanup, and spray-on murals go on the wall with tap water and a brush. Steps to the installation of any type of mural are preparing the surface, gathering a few required tools, and following clear instructions. The whole project can be completed in one afternoon. In addition to easy installation, murals save money on wall decorations. There will be no need to hang pictures, shelving, or decorations to make the wall stand out.

Murals are available in millions of designs that range from simple black and white patterns to stunning full color animal and nature images, to cityscapes. Customers can even upload photographs and order a bespoke mural. The cost is less than the cost of paint and the visual effect is exquisite. Measure the wall, select an image, and the mural will be delivered to the doorstep. It is easy, cost-effective, and will last for several years. All prints are created with non-toxic inks and are fire-retardant to meet safety codes. These murals can go into any room in the home, as well as be used for decorating businesses. The food and drink category, for example, has hundreds of images that may be the perfect backdrop for that small coffee shop or the newest steakhouse. Browse the possibilities and never have to repaint that wall again.

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